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Purchase paid advertising on Etsy through the Advertising Dashboard in Shop Manager. Etsy Ads display a seller's listings or shops prominently on Etsy's websites and mobile apps. Etsy Ads are displayed in one or more locations, such as users' search results, based on at least four main ranking factors: search relevance, listing quality (including compliance with Etsy's policies), the bids (or amount budgeted for bids) to display the listing, and for some listings, likelihood of views or sales. You may choose to promote some or all of your listings or shops as Etsy Ads.

  • Account Creations

  • Account Management

  • Ad Set up

  • Product Listing 

  • Competitor Research

  • ROI Monitoring

  • Tracking & Reporting

  • Analytic Overview

Etsy purchases offsite advertising from a network of participating providers, such as social networks and search engines. Under the Offsite Ads program Like: 

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